Annual and Perennial Non-timber Crops

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Threat Description

The impacts of agricultural crops (food, fodder, fiber, and fuel), but not timber operations, on foraging and roosting habitat and associated impacts.

Perceived Importance of this Threat

The apparent importance of this threat varied among regions from low in the north to high in the south.


Mitigation Measures

Enhancing diversity within agricultural landscapes

A recently completed (and not yet published) MSc study by Liv Monck-Whipp at Carleton University suggests that agricultural landscapes in Ontario with a higher diversity of crops and greater interspersion of different fields support slightly higher diversity and higher densities of bats.

Planning agriculture to retain important bat features

Retention of hedgerows (any links we can insert?)
Lacoeuilhe et al., 2016

Challenges/Barriers to Addressing this Threat

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