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WANTED — Associate Editors for this Wiki

The North American Bat Conservation Alliance (NABCA) is seeking enthusiastic and knowledgeable students interested in bat conservation to serve as Associate Editors for content on this Wiki. NABCA has identified a list of 21 potential threats to bat populations listed on the site. Each threat is linked to a page that provides more information on the nature of the threat and, most importantly, a section on what we can do about the threat (Mitigation Measures). We would like some Associate Editors to help enhance the content by finding new information relevant to addressing specific threats through the literature and other web resources, as well as by contacting experts in the field, and then summarizing this information succinctly, with appropriate links to sources for more detail. The site, ideally, would serve as a central reference source for bat conservation biologists on specific, practical measures that can be taken to conserve bats.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Editor, please E-mail Charles Francis (ac.adanac|sicnarf.selrahC#ac.adanac|sicnarf.selrahC) with the subject line “NABCA Associate Editor” along with a copy of your resume, a list of one or more threats you would like to work on, and a cover note indicating your expertise/interest relevant to that threat. Ideally, we would like a few students who, between them, could cover all threats. Selected editors will be able to make a concrete contribution to bat conservation and will be credited on the website as Associate Editors.

If you will be at the North American Society for Bat Research meeting in Puerto Vallarta, please seek out Charles Francis or Mylea Bayless at the meeting or join us for lunch on Saturday Oct 27 after the business meeting.


This wiki "Conservation Actions for Bats" has been developed by the North American Bat Conservation Alliance to allow members of the bat conservation community to share and promote helpful practices to mitigate threats to bats in North America.


The North American Bat Conservation Alliance (NABCA) is an informal alliance among federal, state/provincial and local government agencies; regional bat working groups; non-government organizations; industry; individual scientists and biologists; and concerned members of the public interested in bat conservation. The role of NABCA is to facilitate coordination and communication among parties interested in bat conservation in North America by soliciting, compiling and sharing information relevant to bat conservation, and promoting cooperative activities.

For more information please see: North American Bat Conservation Alliance

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